Short cut

We love talking about ourselves about the way we like to see ourselves or others. But we never question who we really are in that.


Dog, where’s my sweet mad dog?
I’ve looked everywhere in all corners, but still, I can’t find you. Where are you hiding? Barking over the fence, I’ll fix your dinner, crazy dog.

_Scrambled eggs

If you’re looking for answers from the distant past, simply wanting an explanation.
Looking back that the good news with asking questions, answers comes naturally without any doubt.

_E.T. phone home

We have long forgotten, but you are in my thoughts without any trace of time.
How can I ever forget you when I am a part that returns me to dust of your lustful existence?

_Blair witch

A blind man cannot see that doesn’t mean he can’t hear the grasshopper in the grass or the sound from the wind in the tree. Therefore the mind focuses on what we can’t see cause we cannot hear!


I appear on the horizon like a white piece of dust, floating like a boat on a Sunday afternoon. I Am the illusion of my mind as I close my eyes to disappear into the light blue sky. I open my eyes calmly, realizing wisdom ‘says’ me nothing.