Simona and I had already met at the gay pride, and then we ran into each other again when you hopped on the tram in Amsterdam near Dam Square, and we chatted for a while about common things. 

On my way to the location where we scheduled the photoshoot, I encountered difficulties on the freeway, including missing the turn. After a couple of calls, I finally arrived at the doorstep. I can indeed remember it well. Chucky, the little adopted Hungarian pup, was playing all around, and then he eventually fell asleep on the floor, the lovely fellow. 

The complexities of your story of being transgender from Italy and a prostitute while also earning a living in the BDSM culture are illustrated by the stories you have shared about your recent romantic relationship and the bittersweet end of your kiss, which turned out to be the ultimate act of suicide, even though you’re finishing up various terrariums for homeless reptiles in your new home.

I feel the emptiness that makes everything disappear into nothingness now that you’re gone. Regardless of our physical outward appearance, we were able to accept our inner present and how it was manifesting itself to us.

You have given me the opportunity to express what it truly means to you, and I am grateful for the confidence you have given me to speak about it, even though you are no longer present. Rest in peace.