As an artist, I have always been interested in philosophy and practicing different meditation techniques from Taoism, Esoteric Teachings, and Advaita Vedanta.

The idea of work is to build an image from Carl Jung’s structures of the unconscious mind by making it conscious, a theme by describing art as the mirror of the mind, a film that takes place on the silver screen seen through inverse projection, self-awareness.

Creating timeless images and specific photographic material requires a great deal of knowledge of the human mind. The subconscious mind is tucked away in the conditioned mind as we conceive our world, the construction of pragmatic and calculating thinking where we imagine the world but may not corresponds to cold reality while chasing it. The identified mind as a secondary using subconscious creativity and visual awareness.

Physical intelligence is communication, the connection of the inner self, and self-awareness. The body contains all the information in its need to survive, putting on and taking off the conditioned mind like a jacket when we do not need it. In spiritual knowledge, the ego is the construction of the illusory self.

Knowledge of thoughts is a collection of ideas through experience and the memory of the intellect. Gaining self-knowledge is being resilient to lead it in the right direction and staying close to oneself,
the heart where the thought arises.

The difficulty in expaining spirituality, our explanatory gap needs an explanatory bridge as life invents itself in the presence of consciousness. The universal mind remains elusive and claims that consciousness is neither physical nor functional, seeing through the illusions of life and death as the illusion itself.