As an artist, I have always been interested in philosophy and practicing different meditation techniques from Buddhism, Taoism, Esoteric Teachings, and Advaita Vedanta.

Working with a camera is to investigate self-knowledge to accomplish self-realization by capturing visual awareness. It requires years of self-studies to build the image to see what lies in the subconscious with the question I AM? I thought maybe it needs an explanation of why making these images.

The variety of work is an idea to build an image from Carl Jung’s structures of the unconscious mind by making it conscious. The practicing and examination are by meditation, using visual awareness that leads to practical insights that subordinate calculating and pragmatic thinking using subconscious creativity.

The difficulty in explaining knowledge will come with the connection of the inner self, the use of human experience. Finding the natural way to make photography is to use emotions in perception, a vision that appears in daily life, or making a theme by describing art like the mirror of the mind through inverse projection. You can take an image like a reflection, the changeable against an unchangeable background of visual consciousness.

Fotografie: NL