After spending thirty years of my life as a jazz singer, I needed a change. I started photography in 2013 and entered a new phase by photographing my life. It all started with the idea of ​​​​buying a camera. Call it an inner assignment, inevitable or unstoppable.

The backdrop for my photography was an interest in philosophy, Advaita Vedanta. Later in the process, it became clear that my photographic material was more about self-knowledge and meditation by describing philosophy.

Over the years, I met so many people in society with different lifestyles that made me think with a deeper layer of vision that gave my work a glimpse into the subconscious where nothing is as it seems. The photographic material suggests that consciousness resembles a matrix, a film that takes place on the silver screen through reverse projection and self-awareness.

Advaita Vedanta, known in the west as nonduality, began in my early youth and was part of my upbringing to gain insight into how the identified mind works by asking questions, I AM. By exercising to adopt learned knowledge through knowledge of the mind, putting on and taking off the conditioned mind like a jacket.

To realize that ego construction is deceitful, distorted, and paradoxical. The conditioned mind from the I-thought keeps you from living in your true nature. Meditation is a tool for freeing yourself from the mind by taking away all the principles you have about yourself.

I accept that everything I create myself is based on the illusion of the mind. The difficulty, as well as the mysterious life itself, is that I stopped to understand it. Meaning to say you don’t invent life. Life itself takes place in the infinite, without beginning or end, and you go through all the illusions of life, the eternal.

The created photos are about a journey through my subconscious mind, the conditioned mind as a secondary using subconscious creativity and visual awareness, the heart where the thought arises, and the universal mind.