We met through mutual acquaintance and arranged a photo shoot discussing fetishes and transgender identity.

And after I picked you up at the nearby train station, we talked about society and what makes people separate from one another. The challenge of navigating the complexities of a world replete with taboos in the realm of transgender individuals in BDSM.

We had a lively conversation about our search and pursuit of creating friendships, and while seeing life from diverse perspectives, we learned that gender is not the only thing that differentiates us. It is, as it were, a battle between the two aspects of male and female.

Looking for or finding the right partner who understands you and is involved in the fetish scene is more than the act of dressing up in latex and playing games full of desire and sexuality as an aspect of human life.

The two of us stood together in front of the house’s window to admire the natural landscape after the photo shoot, making a double rendezvous to create an entire series. 

She said that the only way forward is to keep going until you find your place in the universe and find some form of self in it, as she put it.