Juan C. Tajes

The number of times I reminisce about my personal projects was a chance encounter when I walked past by a window located on the Warmoesstraat. I was intrigued by the masks hanging on the wall and it caught my attention. The door was closed and there was a tiny light shining on a paper: Microteatro with a phone number written on it.

During the meeting, it became apparent that he had lived and worked in the Netherlands since 1971. Juan himself an artist who directs, acts, sings, designs and writes. Educated at the Theater School and the Art Academy in Montevideo, Uruguay, a professional artist when it comes to commedia dell’arte and historical theater, opera, operettas, zarzuelas and is founder/director of the Center Commedia dell’Arte Masks.

His fascination with masks started as a child. His studio is filled with masks he fabricates himself. He paints, makes clothes by crocheting, and there are photos everywhere and everything he collected to make his art.

Our contact started very spontaneously, we became close friends during the visits to his atelier. We were inspired to work together on some projects with the making of books with photography. 

The very last time we exchanged messages, we talked about your upcoming exposition in Amsterdam. You told me about being very ill and two weeks after our last contact you unfortunately passed away. 

I am going to miss you, Juan. Thank you for your great friendship and all your support. Rest in peace.