Describing Streets

I always felt attracted to the streets where I bought my first camera in 2013. Since that day, me and my camera are inseparable workings as a photographer on the streets.

As a street photographer, a whole lot of conversations take place. It requires human knowledge involving a lot of physical activity to connect with my subject.  

Sharping my intuition, is it possible to photograph by directing the situation. Everything has to fall in one place, relieved from stress or stressful situations, spontaneous at my best shot. Socializing during photography comes with the territory. What best works for me is with an open attitude portraying a clear picture. Working on the street can be like a matrix when I am in difficult situations, allowing or giving a nice responder to point out the importance of tolerance.

Switching very fast and focusing by giving a confident reaction, or otherwise turning my face staying out of trouble or bizarre situations. Staying humorous, I could write a book full of stories! 

The photographs are visions seen from a variety of craft with a sense of surrealism also the fabric of daily life. The value of creativity is going all the way down into the deep toward observing by getting very close.

The power of photography to obscure as well to reveal the paradox using the subconscious mind through projection. The challenge of working with vintage lenses to build a classic image with dynamic tension within emotions. The use of dark shadow lines creates a composition by using natural light.