Describing Streets

I always felt drawn to the street where I bought my first camera in 2013, working as a photographer on the streets.
During my street photography, many conversations take place. It requires many people skills, mental health, and physical activity to connect with my subject.

Trying to assessing the situation well is staying close to my intuition and presence when everything falls into one place. I can be at my best shot when the circumstance is spontaneous and direct. Socializing during photography comes with the territory. What works best for me is an open attitude and catching a clear picture. It can be difficult to endure when in stressful circumstances, like a matrix.

With my photography, I’m trying to create an image to give meaning to the subconscious, a form of awareness. Visions are to be seen from a variety to craft a sense of surrealism also the fabric of everyday life. The value of creativity goes all the way down into the deep, observing by getting very close.