Born in the 1970s, Xandra is a true-life artist who started her career at a very young age. She sings and performs with her father, a renowned jazz musician. Her mom is a classical singer. In the late eighties, she studied at the Dutch Conservatory. In 1988 Xandra entered the art academy in Amsterdam and worked as a goldsmith in Amsterdam Diamond City.

She trained as a graphic designer in the late 1990s, working for publishers and managing various magazines, photo retouching, and advertising. Xandra decided to take her professionalism to a different level. In 2013 she bought a camera and started photographing the streets of Amsterdam to make art and documentary photography by breaking down the taboo.

Xandra is a dedicated artist with many interests and aspects of everyday life. The images express esoteric teachings and the life course to self-knowledge as she explores the subconscious of the human mind. An artist who describes photographic images in philosophy and art.

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