Born in the 1970s, Xandra is a true-life artist who started her career at a very young age. She sings and performs with her father, a renowned jazz musician. Her mom is a classical singer. In the late eighties, she studied singing at the Dutch conservatory. In 1988 Xandra entered the art academy in Amsterdam and worked as a goldsmith in Amsterdam Diamond City.

She trained as a graphic designer in the late 1990s, working for publishers and managing various magazines, photo retouching, and advertising. Xandra decided to take her professionalism to a different level. In 2013 she bought a camera and started photographing the streets of Amsterdam to make art and documentary photography.

Xandra is a dedicated photographer with many interests in life. Xandra Photographs her life by getting close and meeting otherwise grounded people. She lived her entire life as an artist, creative to make photography and art.

Biografie NL