Born in a small town called Eemnes, and raised in a musical family in the seventies, my father is a jazz musician and artist, and my mother is a trained classical opera singer. I was just fourteen years old when I sang at the forefront as a professional singer in my father’s jazz combo. When I turned eighteen, I took singing lessons at the Hilversum Conservatory, and my mother taught me singing techniques as well.

I even dabbled in creative arts at the Art Academy Edelsmeden Amsterdam, where I honed my craft skills and earned my master’s mark. In the 1990s, I went to the school of graphic design and received some training. After spending more than thirty years of my life on stage as a jazz singer, I decided to take a break in 2016 to mainly focus on photography.

My attraction to urban life at that point led me to dedicate myself to street photography in 2013. I already knew the street scene during my time at the academy and also in neighborhoods like the Red-Light District. 

During this process, I came to realize that I have different philosophical points of views. In the stillness of my alone time, I unearthed the profound depths of self-reflection being the artwork itself through introspection.

On the street, conversations were shaped by life lessons and an understanding of the universal mind. The movements are instinctive but also rough, reminiscent of satire, but they also show that people can feel disconnected as a result of modern society. A story full of symbolism, a journey through the subconscious.