Xandra van Rossem was born in the seventies in a small town named Eemnes, growing up in a musical family. Her father is a renowned jazz musician and art painter. Her mother is a classically trained opera singer. Xandra performed professionally with her father’s jazz combo and made her first public debut at the age of fourteen on the stage of the Amersfoort jazz festival. She studied at the Hilversum Conservatory and took singing lessons from her mother. In 1988 she entered art school, graduated, and worked as a goldsmith in Amsterdam Diamond City. In the late 1990s, she became a graphic designer by training.

Xandra is one of the artists who grew up in the rumourous 1980s, inspired by experimental fashion, electronic pop music, art, and hip-hop. In remembrance of her youth, she started photographing the streets of Amsterdam, the heart of the center, and the illustrious Red Light District.

Her street photography highlights the fringes of society through a nod to society’s satire and alienation. She explores the experiment of art photography, dominated by portraits of intimacy photographing her life.

With her great love for philosophy, she focuses on images through photographic material and visual arts. The written stories could explain a series of events, something in the mind that lies unconscious, the surreal reality.