Xandra van Rossem is an independent artist, photographer, storyteller and short filmmaker. On this website, you can find information about her previous work, current work and new photographic material, as well as how to reach out to her. Read more…

Amsterdam State of Mind

In October 2019, I started making a film in Amsterdam, using a small video lens to blur and catch the viewer’s attention. Focusing only took place when someone appeared directly in front of the lens. The subconscious, or mind, seems to form a matrix inversely through time travel in the memory of […]

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Review LensCulture

Review competition: Xandra, You have some wonderful images here that capture a sense of playfulness and fun. The portraits are exciting and natural showing some nice moments. I enjoyed this series of work and thought some of them were tender and moving portraits documenting a very diverse scene. I enjoyed reading about your […]

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