The Epic Hero


From esoteric teachings, (writer and Freemason Carlo Collodi) Pinocchio is created under the influence of two characters, one male and one female (symbolizing the two aspects of God). The “Blue Fairy”, the representative of the Great God, come down to earth to give Pinocchio a spark of the Universal Mind, which represents our consciousness. 


Pinocchio is the perception of continuously misled and being attracted to the wrong choices being ignorance. By making many mistakes and violations, in the original story is being hanged for this. Pinocchio is by choice blindness and considers the outer appearance instead of the heart and soul (inside) of a person. One could say that the scene of seduction is where one affecting a split between their inner being and their outer appearance. By this seduction, he falls into the immorality of the soul by making the wrong choices as his nose grows. Living by one’s true nature is making an inner connection which has nothing to do with the outer life, as you tend to your inner landscape to your external reality. The video puts down an allegory of the human soul in its journey of spiritual evolution.