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Jurors Pick by LensCulture

18/11/2019 Global Exposure

Festival: Exhibition

5&6/10/2019 Kaalstaart

Exhibition Red Light District

30/08/2019 Pakhuis de Zwijger

Article Vrije Tijd Amsterdam

Voorbeschouwing expositie Red Light District

Vrije Tijd Amsterdam

Discussion with photo exposition

21/05/2019 Theme: Sex works

Pakhuis de Zwijger


10/11/2018 – Photography & Commedia dell’arte

Theme Dadaism seeyou@art

Pinocchio on the original story by the writer and Freemason Carlo Collodi, preview video:



22/08/2018 – National Geographic


Projects: LensCulture photo projects

AmsterdamFM Live Interview

23/03/2018 KunstKieken: KUNSTKIEKEN


24/08/2017 The Eizo Competition category fashion

Masterclass Rahi Rezvani

Straatfotografie Amsterdam

10/07/2018 article publication: Visionary/Ambassadeur Olympus: Fokko Muller

“De Ironie” Auteur: Xandra van Rossem