Very young of age when my interest wherein all sorts of philosophy and spiritual knowledge. With the help of my beloved parents, I started practicing different kinds of meditation techniques from Buddhism, Taoism, Esoteric teachings, and Advaita Vedanta, known in Western Culture as non-dualism. The struggle of life finding self-acceptance in a culture that is related to causalities principles and pragmatic thinking. How to keep myself standing up where most of the subconscious way of thinking brings the confusion, just staying in the appearance of all outer objects and it’s objectification.

My work making photographs is to build an image from the subconscious mind by making it conscious, Carl Jung’s philosophy. By practicing and examination is by meditation using visual awareness to practical insights and creative thinking that subordinate calculating and pragmatic thinking.

From esoteric knowledge and self-examination investigating intelligence, it comes with the connection of the inner self and body intelligence, the will to survive. The true self has nothing to with the identification of the ego structure but is simply knowledge about total awareness. The natural way of living in humanity is to discover all sorts of emotions and to reincarnate self-consciousness into awareness.

Simple meditation is to stay in the present, in the hart where the thought arises can be seen with common human knowledge of the mind through self-knowledge and introspection to make a connection with the universal mind, practicing for more than 30 years of self-knowledge as time changes.