As an artist, I am always looking for new ideas to develop myself in the process. Conceptual art evaluates ideas over the formal or visual components of artworks. I am just transferring to several aspects of art. Inner desire to make art as an involvement to liberate art from its traditional bonds so that art and life would become a unit between the various disciplines.

Queen of hearts

All thoughts originate from the ego concept. The mind is the source of all phenomena and the source of all manifestations. The mind is formless, but it does everything for us.
To make a connection by the heart is to be free from the attachment of the mind.


This art project about Pinocchio to be completely honest to be in my full strength moving independently. It is Pinocchio his characteristics that he often finds himself in trouble, from which, however, he always manages to get out. Pinocchio’s nose is his best-known characteristic also an epic hero.

The nose only appears a couple of times in the story when he acts disobediently. After struggling and weeping and to the intervention of the Fairy in a dream he becomes a real boy.

In this version of Pinocchio is being afraid of the truth. He lies to himself suddenly when he sees this action of lying immediately noticing the illusion of this lie and feeling very disappointed about this.

For the nose, I created from children’s clay and attached with a rubber band. I must say that the nose is quite heavy to wear! In the short parody of a video, I want to put down an image of Pinocchio who is afraid that the truth is seen in the illusion of life.


With my Pig project is giving the illusion of alienation of human behavior by creating a fantasy world looking closely at our behavior meaning that interpretation of thoughts is creating the feeling of being separated from our true nature. The stories that we tell ourselves through thoughts never run parallel with the reality.

The Art of Duality

With this art project, the duality stands for the eclipse of light. Human thought’s life in the contradiction and confusion. Black and white are the opposite of both male and female. The red color symbolizes unconditional love.

Different Worlds

Note: As for my research in the world of BDSM is making portraits of people with different lifestyles is only to make ART over the theme!

(See dairy: Simona Kira Dissegna the full story)

Photo series: From Knowledge to Wisdom

Photo: The butcher’s wife