Amsterdam State of Mind

Amsterdam, in October 2019, I started to make a movie using a small video lens to fade by grabbing the viewer’s attention. The focus only took place when someone appeared right in front of the lens. By time travel in the memory of the past. Therefore it seems to appear like a matrix being inverse through the subconscious, the body of thought.

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The King’s Hat

The King’s Hat – Exoteric

“Knowledge in exoteric is suitable for communication to the public without secrecy or other reservations”.

What happens when we follow the mind unwittingly when the mind attaches itself to the object that lies outside oneself. The question why are these thoughts attached to that outer object? Why are we chasing or following it! Examine the identification from the I-thought and detach yourself.

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The Day tripper

This short Buddhistic story is about life itself in the search for fulfillment and satisfaction. Is it the fear of death where one is mainly living outside themselves looking for as many possible distractions to fill up the emptiness of being incomplete. In this complicated society, one spends a lot of time providing food for the body and soul. After each end, one will make a reflection of life, what is the purpose of life in its true meaning.

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Art of Pinocchio

From Esoteric teachings freemason and writer Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio is created under the influence of two characters, one male and one female (symbolizing the two aspects of God). The “Blue Fairy”, the representative of the Great God, comes down to earth to give Pinocchio a spark of the Universal Mind, “Nous” of the Gnostics which represents our consciousness.

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Review Street Photography


Review competition:

Xandra, You have some wonderful images here that capture a sense of playfulness and fun. The portraits are exciting and natural showing some nice moments. I enjoyed this series of work and thought some of them were tender and moving portraits documenting a very diverse scene. I enjoyed reading about your exchange with your subjects and that is a great way of working. You have a great street style that reminds me of a more friendly version of Bruce Gilden’s work. Keep shooting! You have found excited and animated subject matter and obviously, do well working with and interacting with people. Your style is playful and I could see this becoming a much longer series. Individuals brought together as a series and put into a book could be a great way to develop this project..

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