Xandra grew up in an artistic environment and began her career in the early 1980s. At the very young age of fourteen singing at the professional jazz club circuit by working together with her father, a recommended jazz musician. Her mom is a classical singer. Xandra studied voice training at the Dutch Conservatory in 1988.

She changed her direction in the late ’80s by enrolling in the school of Arts in Amsterdam, studied art history, training how to draw to make compositions for jewelry design. She worked as a jeweler for several big diamond companies in Amsterdam until 1995. To switch again in 1997 to educate herself as a graphic designer and photo retoucher for several magazines and newspapers. She worked on the sideline as a professional musician till 2015.

Xandra took up photography in 2013 and started to photograph the streets of Amsterdam and the Red Light District. The many interests in the lifestyles of people are to create art and experimental photography.

There are many aspects of situations taken from life going all the way down into the deep to experience a different reality that passes through projection, using the intellect of the subconscious mind and surrealism.

The use of different cameras and working with vintage lenses to create a classic style. Controversial and creative portraits with strong composition use, but also to put down an image to give a realistic view of society. Live a series of events where you don’t think up life. It happens.

Biografie NL