About me

My roots Jazz musician and born in the Netherlands growing up in an artistic environment with a father who was a visual artist and a notable Jazz musician in the late sixties. My mother is an alt mezzo-soprano singer. Sings jazz professionally by the age of fourteen and works as an artist for 30 years of her life.

Intro short biography: studies at the Art School in Amsterdam in 1988 and earned my master’s degrees in designing jewelry 1993. In 1997 I followed a training as a graphic designer and worked as a professional photo editor for magazines. I decided to buy a camera to capture the mind as a photographic memory.

I started to photograph in the streets of Amsterdam in 2013 and worked on several projects like the Red Light District. I wanted to make art over the theme to create different worlds of thoughts based on life experience and self-knowledge. Representing an image of reality and sometimes to determine the Zeitgeist, giving the paradox of mind through projection.

Background story: knowledge