About me

Intro: “Xandra van Rossem, born in Eemnes, the Netherlands grew up in an artistic environment with a father who was a jazz musician and visual artist, her mother is alt mezzo-soprano singer. To sing jazz professionally by the age of fourteen and working as an artist for 30 years of her life”.

Self Portrait

Follows an art education in Amsterdam designing jewelry and gets her master degree in 1993. After several professions and educations working as a graphic designer and having a great job as a photo retoucher, she decided to buy a camera and to become a photographer.

Xandra started to photograph in streets of 2013 in Amsterdam working on several projects like the Red Light District. Xandra has always been attracted by the life on the streets and the motion it involves. When referring to yourself it’s based on life experiences and self-knowledge techniques giving a view over reality to define the time picture and to make timeless images, but maybe it’s a twist of having humor or being romantic.

When staged photography becomes art her idea is more visualized and the creation of imagination. The images can view a classic style where the compositions and dark flowing shadow lines forming one cohesive design.