About me

Xandra van Rossem, born in Eemnes, the Netherlands grew up in an artistic environment with a father who was a jazz musician and visual artist, her mother is alt mezzo-soprano singer. To sing jazz professionally by the age of fourteen and working as an artist for 30 years of her life.

Xandra studies at the Art School in Amsterdam in 1988 and obtained two diplomas in 1993 and earned her master’s degrees in designing jewelry. She followed a training as a graphic designer and worked as a professional photo editor for magazines. She decides to buy a camera to capture the mind as a photographic memory.

Starting to photograph in the streets of Amsterdam in 2013 working on several projects like the Red Light District to make art over the theme to create different worlds of thoughts and to interpret human behavior. Most of her work is based on life experiences and self-knowledge techniques, but also the intellectual legacy of the universal mind. Representing an image of reality and sometimes to determine the Zeitgeist, giving the paradox of mind through projection.

Making staged photography to art the idea is visualized to spark the imagination. The images view a classic style with shadow lines to make compositions that create one design.