I found photography during a gig in 2013 when a jazz musician advised me to take a camera. The musician said to me you are a singer being an entertainer go photograph the blues? I picked up the thread and followed it. The unstoppable that uses imagination and seeing reality leads me to new paths, not knowing it existed.

When on the streets, the experience of freedom in which I make my photography. Meeting people and developing refreshes my mind, it brings many new insights and creativity.

Having art graduation and worked as a graphic designer, I learned to look at compositions and color, I just like to go out of the standard.

Making black and white images but also love to work with color. Enjoying myself to reveal the creativity and being busy with that during the day. It hasn’t stopped, it always stays very close to me.

Essential for me to photograph with love and passion researching many aspects of life, art, and photography using a lot of light.