As I dance the Flamenco

Since a little girl, I have wanted to be a dancer. I always tapdanced and did ballet. As I grew up in an artistic family where both of my parents are musical and artistic, a father who is a jazz musician and a visual artist a mother who is a classical singer. I guess it was meant to be that I became a jazz vocalist. I was very young when I started to perform professionally for public stages at the age of fourteen.

Dancing always stayed in my spiritual state. I started to take serious flamenco lessons when I turned twenty-one. I practiced for more than four years every day and sometimes took three classes a week merely to practice my skills. Once a week after work, I moved to a small studio in Amsterdam just to dance.

Throughout that time my beloved father was very ill and passed away in his sleep when I was twenty-five. At that time looking back perhaps it was a better idea to give up the flamenco dancing. I have chosen a career as a jazz vocalist. Is it maybe excuse that I already knew a lot of jazz musicians and I had many business contacts? Still, it was very hard and for me with my father not being around missing his guidance and support.

With 30 years of stage experiences, I decided to give up my singing career. I have no regrets.

As an artist, I want to continue my art.