My purpose in taking photographs to make art are mainly about self-knowledge. I want to create an inner world that is surrealistic to unlock the power of the imagination by pulling down the taboos. I am very fascinated by the idea that the subconsciouses mind is the source of all artistic creativity.

I believe that the subconsciouses mind generates a world we do not understand and is not earthly bound. Thoughts cannot bridge the form of reality because they are formless. By creating visual material, one can experience these thoughts without a sense of time.

The images are an interpretation of the universal mind providing a different point of view that is multi interpretable. Without too many words, I want to exhibit with these images that I was digging deeply into my mind.

Current event: 
Exhibition Red Light District:

Pakhuis de Zwijger

Friday 30 August 16:00

Piet Heinkade 179 – 1019 HC Amsterdam

Ode: Red Light District

Photo: Flat tire